Freckle Juice

My sweet girl is always getting complements on her freckles. Freckles have become apart of her identity and the first thing people notice, until she opens her mouth and then they notice her mature vocabulary and larger than life personality.

Our neighbor in Leavenworth taught Sis that freckles in German is Sommersprossen (summers pro sin) and she has been asked on more than one occasion where they came from.

I have always told her that they are angel given to her at night.


Several people have asked her if she drank freckle juice and she didn’t get the reference. I felt like a horrible mom/teacher and Judy Blume super fan for not having read her Freckle Juice! Our first trip to the library in GA, Freckle Juice all but fell off the shelf begging to be read.

freckle juiceWe read this iconic book in one sitting and then talked about how silly it is to want something someone else has while someone else wants what we have. We discussed that God designed each of us without mistake and that we should own and love our favorite parts of our self and our not so favorite parts and most importantly to not compare or covet our peers! (now if only I could remember that applies to me too)

One regret…we didn’t try the freckle juice

One thought on “Freckle Juice

  1. I can remember reading Freckle Juice in 2nd grade and having to come up with a recipe for Freckle Juice! (I should now look up Mrs. Fulps… my second grade teacher)


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