Beach House Reunion (my only July read)

I am a sucker for a beach read, bonus points if the setting is the south-east coastal isles. I saw this one on the shelf at the library and grabbed it, even though I have school work due, schooling for the kids and I’m a few chapters into another book, I couldn’t help myself!


What I didn’t realize was that Beach House Reunion is apart of a series. Mary Alice Monroe did such a seamless job of introducing the characters the reader is able to read this book independently from its series partners.

I give Beach House Reunion  ***** (5 stars in case that wasn’t obvious). The plot was easy to follow, although predictable. The characters were developed nicely and the relationships were easy to understand and I grew to feel them and missed them in the end.  The genre would be romance, simple light-hearted romance, but it included heart-break and family drama, as well as an education on sea turtles! I felt like an expert in all things loggerhead and how to preserve a sea turtle nest.

I do plan to go back and read the series from the beginning to see how the characters relate, got to the places they were and what happened in their lives before the reunion.

2 thoughts on “Beach House Reunion (my only July read)

  1. I may just have to add it to my list! It has hydrangeas on the cover… and I LOVE hydrangeas. Although they say not to judge a book by its cover… I do ALL.THE.TIME. Mad props to cover design artist who had me at pretty blue flowering plant.


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