The World Is Our Classroom: Book Review

I recently had the privilege of reading The World Is Our Classroom by Cindy Ross as an ARC (advancedreadercopy) from NetGalley. As a homeschool mom I was drawn to the title and that cover is so peaceful I wanted to feel that adventure. In our family school we also strive to have the world as our classroom but Cindy Ross describes a philosophy beyond my wildest dreams, a philosophy of teaching that sounds perfect and I only wish I could take the leap to pack up my kids and seek out nature and the opportunities in our everyday life to teach my kids what could have never be found in a text book. Sadly, I am too rigid in my style, too type A, too interested in making sure the boxes are checked. Cindy describes the adventures they experienced teaching her children as they hiked the Appalachian trail or the Rockies. What I took away from this excellent example of teaching and learning was that even though this style of learning is not conventional and that Cindy and her husband had to learn by trial and error, that did not stop them and they never allowed fear or the unknown to stop them from following their dreams and taking their children along with them.  The format was easy to follow and the words enticing never boring, easy to read and eye opening.

The World Is Our Classroom published on September 11.

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