Trouble Brewing: A Review


img_0479-1I write this review with coffee in hand and sleepy eyes because I pulled a very late night to finish this gem! From the first few words I was hooked. It normally takes me a few chapters to get into the grove but I was invested in Piper and Blake from the very beginning. Trouble Brewing is a light easy read, not complex but also not lacking in drama and a web of characters and plot turns. I would say that I wasn’t surprised by the ending and smiled as I finished the epilogue. The characters were fun, I want to sit in Blake’s gastro-pub and have a Piper brewed beer. The chapters switched between the voice of Piper and the voice of Blake and after I got the hang of verifying who was speaking, I enjoyed the differing view points as it made me appreciate each main character as their own person.

Strong independent female lead, love, hurt, frustration, life changing decisions, friendship, and anger can all be found in Suzanne Baltsar‘s novel but following one’s passion and knowing that hard work means sacrifice and criticism was the element I enjoyed most.

Trouble Brewing releases September, 25, 2018 so grab a beer and some bar snacks and get ready to enjoy!

*Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review*

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