Animals From Down Under

We recently finished out study of animals in the Australasia area. We really enjoyed this study and had a lot of fun with not only the animals but a little bit of culture too.

Counter clockwise: We read a few books and used them to work through our Nature Journal from Thinking Tree.

We learned that Koala’s eat only eucalyptus for their liquid and food so we diffused eucalyptus oil while the watched Wildest Australia and listened to the didgeridoo.

One of the kids favorite activities right now is building whatever we are studying on Minecraft. For this unit they built a koala and a baby dingo.

For Poetry Tea Time we had fairy bread (bread with softened butter and sprinkles) and Crystal light (I was out of ideas for the day and there was one packet left…sometimes it’s about just making it work!).

Now we need to pack our bags and head down under…anyone want to invest in the kids education and pay for this dream field trip?

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