When God Gave Us Words: Review

When God Gave Us Words by Sandy Eisenburg Sasso was a beautiful book! The illustrations by Darcy Day Zoells were stunning. I read this with my 7 and 10 year old kiddos and they both stayed engaged and asked to look at the pictures a little longer.

God always has our best interest in heart and even something as seemingly simple as the words we use can break His heart. God gave us all of our words; silly, long, strong, and hurtful but it’s up to us to know when to use the words God gave us in a glorifying way. When man kind starts to use words to lie and hurt and curse, the angels ask for God to take them away. Can God change the hearts of humans and can humans make better choices?

Great conversation on why what we say and how we say it holds power in both a positive and negotiable way.

*Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to view and review. All opinions and reviews are my own.*

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