The Dying of the Light: Review

img_0476Secrets of the south? Yes please! The Dying of the Light by Robert Goolrick was a great read from the beginning. I love historical fiction and suspense and this book combined those genres perfectly. This book was sexy, sad, angering, and a glimpse into the secrets that pedigree in the south in known to keep hidden. The characters were well developed and hilarious, sad, and intertwined. Saratoga, a house, old and infamous, located in Virginia, is the setting. The time and ambiance is the south between the World Wars. Starting with Diana trying to save her family from a financial disaster in a way similar to that of Reba McIntire’s Fancy and ending with a fire, but the secrets, romance, death, loss, coming out, misunderstood feelings between the beginning and end is where the true story lies. I started to see the writing on the wall so to speaking a few chapters from the end and wasn’t entirely shocked by the final moments. I give this 5 stars and more if that was an option.

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