Arctic Animals

After our study on Australasia we moved to animals of the Arctics. The weather here in south GA made it a little difficult to feel the climate these unique animals live in but we made it work. img_0519For Poetry Tea Time we read a collection of poems about animals and made polar bears with mini ice cream cups, chocolate chips, Hershey drops, and mini vanilla wafers. We made several through out the week actually because there were so many leftover ingredients! No complaints from anyone!!

A few years ago I found this matching game in the dollar spot at Target and I’ve been holding on to it until now. It has been a great way to review animal habitats as we add more to our overall animal study.


Did anyone else have these Tupperware stencils as a kid? I am so glad my mom saved mine! These are a favorite for the kids and can be used in almost any lesson.

I collected library books, flash cards, and any book we had with arctic animals and we used them to work through our Nature Thinking-tree book.

Last but not least I found these tiny rubber animals at Hobby Lobby and they had several habitats and species packs. They were a huge hit with the kids!  Next up…animals of the ocean.

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