The Great Depression

The Great Depression is not one of my favorite subjects to teach but it had to be done so I tried to make it as hands on and light as possible. For Poetry Tea Time we made depression cake or I’ve heard it called crazy cake. The idea was to show how making a cake can be done with little, and uncommon, ingredients and little cooking utensils or bowls, and for sure no Kitchen-aide. It was delicious!

The library didn’t have many picture books or even young reader chapter books on this topic but what I found were great.

The Gardener is a great book about a little girl that has to go live with her uncle in the city until her father finds a job. She loves plants and gardening which is hard to find in the city so creates her own garden and in turn opens her uncles heart.

The Storytellers Candle is a story of two children that immigrated from Puerto Rico to New York. They are both homesick but a librarian visits their classroom and shares stories and opens their eyes to the library and the world that can be theirs through books.

We also read the first book in the Kit series from American Girls and then watched the movie, which by the way, is nothing like the movie!

Next up… World War 2

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