Everything, Everything

Wow, wow, wow. I felt so many emotions during this read. I identified with each of the main characters and could feel for them as well as withthem.


Imagine being a teenage girl trapped in a sterile house with just your mother, a nurse, the occasional tutor. No friends, certainly no boyfriend. No prom, or homecoming. You haven’t seen the outside world since you were diagnosed with an allergy to the world. Imagine that there may be a chance that you could live a different life, a life outside of your house with people and mistakes and love. Imagine one day a new boy moves in next door and he brings with him questions of “what if” and a reason to want out of the only world you know. Would you risk your life to find out who you are outside of that world, what love feels like and what it feels like to breathe?

Now imagine you are a woman who lost her husband and son leaving you with singleĀ  daughter. The daughter starts to get ill, like children do, but fear of losing her makes you overreact and one might say obsess, over her life. You would do anything to keep her safe, even if that means convincing her and yourself that isolating her is the best way to do that.

I am a daughter and a mother and I have been in a place wear I trusted my mom with my life. Now I am the one that someone has placed all their trust into. What extent would I, or you, go through to keep a child safe? Would I risk losing her in the end? Would I take away her life to keep her in mine?


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