The Simplicity of Cider: Review

img_0618The Simplicity of Cider by Amy Reichert was the perfect fall read. Set in Door County, Wisconsin, described as a small town where everyone knows your name, and business. Idun’s Orchard ran by Einar Lund and his daughter Sanna, 5th generation apple growers, is the center of the story. Amy Reichert does such a fantastic job describing the details of the orchard through the loving eyes of the Sanna. Sanna loves the orchard and not much else. She has worked the orchard her whole life and since expanding to add cider making to her resume has no desire to leave the orchard or her precious Looms, the section of the orchard where love and care bloom most fruitful.

Just prior to harvest season Isaac, a single father and his son, Bass roll into town looking for a vacation to escape from a life, reset, and for Isaac to share a big secret with Bass. Einar offers Isaac a job and a place to stay for as long as he wants and Isaac and Bass settle in nicely becaming part of the Lund family.

When Einar fell on the job and the family has to take a look at the orchard and it’s future, Sanna fears the worst. All she wants in life is to live on the orchard, make cider, and take care of her trees. Will her wishes come true? Will her seemingly uninterested brother convince her to sell to the water park that is eyeing their property? Will Sanna find a way to unite her family, friends, and business?

The Simplicity of Cider was a beautifully written story about love, hurt, overcoming, and self-discovery. I recommend this to anyone looking for an easy read to fall into and one that leaves you smiling and hopeful.



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