An Improbable Pairing: Book Review

Great Gatsby fans this read is for you!

I was immediately drawn to this book because of the mysterious woman on the cover. I want to know her and know her secret. I was not disappointed by her or her story. Gary Dickson gives the reader a love story set in a romantic world only Paris can provide.

In the beginning I felt a Titanic, Jack and Rose. The longing of a second class young man for the first class lady out of his league. As the book progressed I felt more Gatsby, but in the 60’s, the golden age of Paris.

Scott is a graduate student on his way to a prestigious international program in Geneva when he lays eyes on Countess de Rovere, a french divorcee in a social standing high above his own. Fate put them on that boat headed East and fate placed them in the same places several times after. Scott and the Countess come from very different worlds, will those worlds keep them apart or will they navigate the ever present boundaries to be together?

I loved the setting and the extravagance. After reading An Improbable Pairing, I really want to visit Geneva and Gstaad, but I’ll need a new wardrobe and wealthier friends.

I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley and Green Leaf Book Press in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to leave a positive review.

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