Learning Through Cooking

A large portion of our science study this semester is the human body so I wanted to incorporate healthy eating. It’s important that the kids learn that food fuels our body and that “healthy” eating doesn’t mean icky foods but instead can be fun and delicious. I have found that when the kids get in the kitchen and help make food and create their own meals they are more willing to try new foods/spices/combos.

2 programs we’ve used to get the kids cooking are Raddish Kids and The Thinking Tree Smoothie Time . Both the kit and the book allow the kids to explore different foods but also to learn the origin and facts about foods, cooking technique, how food works in our body and how food can be a way to serve, bond and relate to people in our lives.

Strawberry Banana

Another great resource I have found is The Julie Rothman Collection. The collection includes: Farm Anatomy, Food Anatomy, and Nature Anatomy. These books are gorgeous! I leave them displayed in my living room and they are always a favorite when friends are over. There is something new to discover every time we look. For the human body unit we are loving the Food Anatomy book to explore the ingredients we use in our smoothies. But the other 2 are so full of awesome information and engaging pictures and charts.

I try to steer away from “Googling” the answers to questions because almost every time we research something in books we come across something we didn’t know and that spawns even more learning! I am really enjoying getting in the kitchen with the kids, although the mess is hard for me to deal with but the learning is in the mess, and I’m learning to embrace the mess.

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