Summer School or School in the Summer

I like to think of our school year as having 3 parts. Fall, Spring, Summer. Fall and Spring is when I choose a curriculum and fill in the rest with extracurricular activities and co-ops, etc. But in the summer most of our sports stop and piano pauses and scouts take a break. This leave time to have a little more fun with our learning. I leave Language Arts and Math as is but I like to shake up the other subjects. So this summer we are learning some art fundamentals, getting outside to do some art (with friends!), exploring the world of Harry Potter, putting on our Armor of God, learning about a few states and exploring food through smoothies and cooking. I want to document each “subject” in it’s own post to keep this post shorter, more like an overview, so I’ll link back as we move through the summer.

As I said, Language Arts will stay the same (The Good And The Beautiful) and math stays the same (Horizon, Math-U-See) but they will also be incorporated into our “fun” studies.

We are using Wizards and Wands created by Jessica Waldock at The Waldock Way. This curriculum could be used as a complete curriculum so I am using it as a spine of sorts.

For Art fundamentals I am using a book, How To Teach Art to Children, I stumbled on at the library.

Each week I’ve planned a messy, outdoor art project and invited friends to join! I compiled my list from pinterest and the lost creativity trapped in my mind that the clean and tidy part squashed.

The kids are doing a few VBS and youth group camps so I wanted to do a Bible unit study. I’ve never done one so I hope it goes well! We are focusing on the Armor of God, taking a week to dive deeper into each piece of armor.

We recently switched our Little Passport to the US edition so we’ll be taking a trip through a few states with our monthly guides.

Last but not least, we’ll use Raddish Kits and Thinking Tree’s Smoothie workbook to try out new foods, learn about those foods and learn technique and safety in the kitchen.

We decided last minute to add Financial Peace and the Smart Kids Launch Pad lessons to learn about money and finances.

Of course we will take beach days, hello we live an hour away, pool days, bowling (Kidsbowlfree), and the summer series at the local movie theater.

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