2020 Visions

Waiting on the New Year to come in

Goals are hard to set and I’m hesitant to share. What if I don’t meet them? What if I set the bar to high and fail? But…(here comes the cliché) what if I soar?? What if I meet all my goals and have the best year yet? 2020 brings a deployment/rotation conversation a few big separations. I made some big mistakes in most areas of my life but I figured out where the changes need to be made. My goals are simple and they are here so at the end of this year when I’m in the thick of solo parenting and looking back at this year I’ll have a record of how awesome I can be and that will carry me into 2021 with confidence (there I said it so it will be so).


  • Read the Bible chronologically with an accountability group
  • Complete 6 bible studies
  • Prayer journal
  • Attend church regularly

Reading Goals

  • Focus on the books on my shelf and library
  • Read to enjoy the words not to a complete a challenge- although I set a goal of 60 books this year- including read alounds with the kids
  • Write more reviews and post them


  • School daily focusing on progress not checklist or levels
  • Have more fun and relax
  • Read tons of fun books for no other reason than to enjoy the story
  • Say no if school will suffer


  • Walk or yoga EVERYDAY (goal of 300 intentional miles)
  • Get outside more with the family
  • Workout- videos 4x a week
  • Less sugar more vegetables


  • Show appreciation and respect to J more by having patience and willingness to listen first
  • Yes more than no
  • Support by understanding when the Army comes first
  • Daily meetings to check in and sync calendar and budget

Army Wife

  • Volunteer for the betterment of the post and the families here
  • Be a mentor and reach out to my mentors
  • Be available for the unit and families
  • Gifts and cards for friends


  • Create a bedtime routine
  • More home cooked meals and work to eliminate processed food
  • Limit electronics but fill in that times with games and crafts

Mental Health

  • Get dressed everyday
  • Create a solid bedtime and morning routine
  • Allow myself to have the little things that are just for me
  • Be vulnerable


  • More music and books, less TV
  • Make 80 Christmas cards before December
  • Blog our adventures (3 a week)
  • Create adventures

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