A Little Care Going Along Way

Care Package Ideas and Themes: Korea Edition

One of my favorite things to do to countdown the time during a deployment or long rotation is to send care packages or letters every month. In the age of email, FB, Facetime and countless other ways to communicate instantly, the use of snail mail is gone to the wayside. But there is something romantic and extra special about receiving mail when you’re away from home. This rotation I feel like the added step of themed packages is even more important because J can go to the PX or even Amazon and get whatever he needs so these packages have to be more about what he wants or what we want to send him to say we’re thinking of him and miss him and want him to have a little bit of home.

The goal for us is to send a package each month and I just mailed the 3rd one yesterday, time is moving!

September : Hulk Smash This Deployment

This box was mostly things J realized he left or things he couldn’t fit in his final bag, and lets be real, September doesn’t have a holiday to work with for a theme. We wanted to give some encouragement and let our guy know he is our favorite hero!

October: We Miss You Boo

This box was filled with more things J forgot, random things he bought on Prime Day while in quarantine, plus a few bags worth of candy. Apparently the little ghost guy that was supposed to pop didn’t make the trip but we tried!

November: Happy Birthday and Happy Thanksgiving

Jason is a Thanksgiving baby so sometimes those celebrations get combined but I try to make sure Jason has a special treat or special time to celebrate him. We did do a combo box but I think he’ll still feel appreciated and celebrated. I also added an advent study for us to do together, yet apart. We included dinosaur themed birthday party decor, birthday cake flavored snacks, a few gifts, turkey jerky, craisins and pringles for Thanksgiving dinner. I know Jason will have a delicious meal at the DFAC (one of my favorite traditions) but themed snacks are fun also.

December: We miss you Snow much this Christmas

December was my favorite box to pack and send. We packed it full of gifts and little pieces of home to help Christmas feel a little more like we’re together. The kids each go shopping with my mom to buy J and I gifts and this year that was extra special since J wasn’t here to help the kids surprise me and vice versa. We also included J’s Cowboy Christmas tree that I sent to him on his second deployment to Kuwait. The little ornaments are all cowboy themed and fitting for his call sign. I also added J’s stocking from home, it just felt right for him to have it with him. I love that he made a Christmas corner. My favorite part of this box was the New Year’s Eve Kiss…get it??

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