In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

In Five Years was a book club book that I was sadly unable to attend but I did finish and chatted with friends that also read. I was surprised at how angry I felt when I finished. I had invested myself in an ending that didn’t happen but when I’m honest with myself, that ending was a little wrapped in a bow ending, unrealistic.

Dannie is type A and strictly following her five year plan. She has the perfect boyfriend, rocked the interview with the perfect job and everything is perfectly of track for her until she falls asleep and wakes up five years later in a different life. After navigating the shock of where she is and who she is/with, she reawakes back in 2020 (sheesh, am I right?). Here life seems to be where she left it but slowly she must face that her five year plan may not be exactly as she planned. Can she handle that?

I loved this book so much and here’s why…despite being a military spouse where my life is incredibly unpredictable, I have a five year plan and a plan for tomorrow and I get thrown off track when that plan is derailed especially by outside forces in life that I can’t control. This book was a great reminder that my plan is not the plan and if taking a spiritual look at things, only God controls that plan. Dannie’s life was derailed but in the end that derailment led her to the life she was supposed to live and she found happiness.

I gave In Five Years 4 stars and recommend to lovers of love, friendship, women’s lit, romance without the gush and life lessons.

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