The Companion by Katie Alender

The Companion was The Read Rover Book Club pick for October and while it was good and twisted and the perfect October read, I don’t think it was as scary as others did, in other words, it didn’t keep me up all night or cause me to jump at my own shadow.

After a tragic accident that leaves Margot an orphan she’s sent to briefly live with in an orphanage where the other girls decide she must be lucky. Lucky because she survived the accident and lucky that she gets her own room, because her night terrors keep others awake. Then her luck strikes again when she’s taken in by the Sutton family. Margot was told Mr. Sutton owed her father a favor and that’s why she was chosen but when she gets to her new home she realizes there might be more to her rescue. While her luck may have gotten her this far the life she will live in the Gothic, isolated home and family is anything but.

I like the story line and there were some moments I was stumped on who did what and what would happen next, there were even some things I didn’t pick up on until fellow Rovers pointed it out. I didn’t like how the ending move so fast and wrapped up quickly and a little too clean and the romance that was slipped in wasn’t necessary for me.

I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to those that like mystery, psychological thrillers and twisted family narratives.

I gave The Companion 4 stars.

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