Beach Read by Emily Henry

Beach Read by Emily Henry was an unexpected romance, one of my favorite reads of the year. Because of the title I was hesitant to read it this late in the year (I’m a seasonal reader) but it turns out the title is misleading, in the best way, and it’s not really a beach read at all. What this book did have was romance, reclaimed love, redemption and facing the past.

When January Andrews, romance author, inherits her late father’s house she also inherits secrets that changes the way she sees her the father, the father that was once the center of her world. January moves to her father’s beach house to prepare it to sell but she also hopes to meet the deadline of her upcoming novel. Upon arriving she discovers she has a neighbor that may be a distraction with his loud music and grumpy attitude but what she doesn’t know until later is that her neighbor is Augustus Everett the best seller of literary fiction and a rival from her past. Once reacquainted, January and Gus joke with each other that their particular genre is the better genre regardless that they are both struggling to produce something new. They strike a deal to help the other learn to write and research for the opposing genre. The deal leads to time well spent and feelings ignited.

I loved that there was definitely a romance but it was hidden within two people that had to overcome issues and secrets of heartache in their past. This title is for the lover of romance and friendship and forgiveness. I did love the unexpectedness of this not actually being a beach read, clever. This is my first book from Emily but I will be reading more for sure (I just went over and added all her books to my Goodreads “want to read” list).

I gave Beach Read 4 stars.

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