The Return by Nicholas Sparks

I am an avid Nicholas Sparks reader. I can’t help it. A new title drops and I have to grab it. Sparks newest book did not disappoint. It’s amazing to me that I could read a Sparks book with out knowing he wrote it and recognize the author immediately, his writing style is consistent and familiar. I know many people consider Spark’s books to fall under romance but I would say that while there is definitely romance within his plots, there is always so much more.

In The Return, readers find romance but not an easy one. Before there is love there is so much pain and unknown paths and not sures. There is the family aspect that is a classic Sparks theme and the helping of strangers.

Trevor Benson is a veteran of the War on Terrorism and with his visible and not so visible injuries he finds himself in his mom’s home town of New Bern, NC to handle the affairs of late grandfather. Immediately upon arriving in town he notices a young girl, Callie, that clearly had a part in his grandfather’s life but Trevor isn’t sure just how involved until later in his uncovering the mystery that surrounded why his grandfather died in a town no one knew he was in. Trevor notices another woman in town, Sheriff Deputy Natalie Masterson and it just might be love at first sight. Natalie has a past that she isn’t prepared to share with Trevor because she thinks she might also love him. Trevor only came to town to take care of what his family left behind but he finds so much more including a place to heal and help others in their own healing journey.

I gave The Return **** and I can’t wait for Nicholas’s next book (not that I know there is one, just hoping)

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