One Day in December by Josie Silver

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever made eye contact with someone and knew they would be important in your life? What if you fell in love at first sight, lost sight and looked for a year only to see that person walk into your apartment as your best friends new boyfriend? This is what happened to Laurie on a double decker bus one December day, then one year later. Laurie takes the road she thinks is safest for everyone and keeps the fact that Sarah’s boyfriend Jack is her long last “bus boy” to herself, even after Jack and Laurie become very close friends. One Day in December follows this unique three way friendship over several years where they each have to face choices and come to cross roads that could let out the truth and destroy the life Laurie has built around this secret.

A few chapters in I was so angry that fate would lead Laurie and Jack back together in such a complicated way, but Josie Silver develops a beautiful story out of that crazy start. Friendship is important and is a definite theme through the book, but can friendship outweigh love and should it? What I really loved when it was all over is how realistic yet comforting and light this read was. Jack and Laurie could have ended up together from the beginning and that would have been a great story but the meat of a relationship comes in the trouble of finding out who you really love, who that person is when choices need to be made, when other people’s feelings are at play. Well done Josie!

Thank you to Netgalley, Josie Silver, Crown Publishing and Ballentine Books for the Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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