It’s a Wonderful Wife by Camille Pagen

I found this gem after listening to a Christmas interview series with Uplit Reads on Instagram. I’ve had an Audible account for a while but I’ve just really discovered the Audible Orginals that are included in the membership.

It’s A Wonderful Wife was a modern take on the classic It’s A wonderful Life. Bailey the center of a family and town wide business finds her self at the brink of a metal breakdown when she discovers several things in her life are going horribly wrong. After a few drinks at the local bar she finds herself in the apartment of a friend from the past to sleep it off. As she drifts off to sleep Bailey says she wishes she’d never been born. Bailey wakes up the next morning to a world that doesn’t know her, to a life in which she’d never been born. She realizes through while navigating this alternate universe that her priorities may not be in line with the life she wanted and desired to live. When it’s time for Bailey to wake up in her real life she has a new outlook and a will to change her priorities and focus on what is truly important to her.

This was my first read by Camille Pagan but I look forward to reading more! I gave this 4 stars as it was the perfect story for a 2020 Christmas.

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