Live in Love by Laura Akins

Live in Love was a book I found on NetGalley and instantly wanted to read because I love Thomas Rhett, the country singer for those that are not familiar. Several of his songs are like soundtracks to my life and I love that. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with this whole family. After reading this I truly feel like I could head to Nashville and have dinner with the Akins family like we’ve been friends forever. I borrowed the audio version from my local library and OMG that made the book. I borrowed the audio so I could catch up on NetGalley reads while getting some stuff done, you know accomplishing those new year goals. I didn’t realize that Laura read the book herself and I was so shocked when Thomas Rhett started telling his side of the story. I really think that’s what made reading this book a whole experience, like a few friends sitting around telling our life stories.

I was so inspired by their love and love for others and how much they embraced everyone around them. There was a part of me, the military wife part, that felt some of Laura’s struggles. When she talked about Thomas Rhett being on the road while she was back with kids and the resentment that came with that or when Laura wanted to follow her dream of nursing in a foreign country which meant living apart for awhile, they supported each other and knew sometimes following dreams takes the biggest sacrifices.

I found the format of the book easy to follow, even the part where Thomas Rhett told his part. I LOVED that Laura included pictures of the stories she told and the people in her life, just another way the reader felt brought into “family”.

Thank you Laura and Thomas Rhett for sharing your story and inspiring me to Live in Love. Thank you NetGalley and Random House Publishing for the advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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