Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid

I read Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid for my neighborhood book club but it had been on my TBR for awhile. I felt like it was an easy read in that I read it fast and it held my attention throughout, but it was not an easy read as far as content. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book at first. We are in a time in our life when it’s uncomfortable to talk about race and how people of different colors interact with each other, the division we are facing and how we got here. This book made me take a look at my interactions with people and how I see the world and how the world sees me. In the book, all of the white people were searching for a way to connect with POC and not always in a genuine way. I felt like the POC just wanted to be left alone of seen as just people.

As for the book itself I thought the plot line was great and interesting. The reader wasn’t given all the information at first but instead little bits at a time as the story unravels. I loved all the characters and hated all the characters. I found Alix repulsive throughout, she was crazy, but at the same time boy was she interesting. The worst part of Alix is how she knew she wrong, in more than one incident yet never admitted to her faults and played the victim that was better than her circumstances. In the end I think every person was wrong at some point whether it was self deprecation or hate or manipulation. My least favorite partnership or character pair was Kelley and Emira. They were never going to work and Kelley was an ass and I didn’t like him at all.

My ultimate takeaway is that Emira was treated poorly by everyone including herself. She was a pawn in everyone’s agenda and Briar, the little girl, was the only person that saw Emira for who she really was. This proves that adults are unable to see the truth in people because of life experiences and prejudice.

I gave Such a Fun Age 5 stars. The courage of Kiley Reid and the beautiful way she shared this story are worthy of this rating.

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