Mr. Right Across the Street by Kathryn Freeman

Mr. Right Across the Street by Kathryn Freeman was a perfect romance to kick off 2021. I also participated in a read along with One More Chapter. The photo featured was a challenge from the read along . We were prompted to use inspiration from the book to create something fun. I created a mocktail like the one Luke created in his bar.

First and foremost you must read this with a British accent, unless of course you already have a British accent then well, just read it. I am a sucker for a British rom-com, there’s something about the banter between lover’s in British rom-com that reminds me of my beloved southern culture.

Mia is a young techy type living away from home in a small apartment in a new place, escaping a horrible ex when she notices her across the street neighbor who happens to flex his muscles at the same time everyday in perfect line of vision from her at home office. At the insistence of her family Mia decides to venture out and finds her self at a bar that’s tended by none other than Mr. Right Across the Street, Luke. Over time, mistakes, secrets and a unique way of communicating, Mia and Luke find they have more in common than their apartment complex. When Luke first showed interest in Mia she was coy and stand offish, going as far as not giving her number so Luke had to get creative and started leaving messages taped to his window as way to get her attention. Mia reciprocated and they quickly fell into a romance spawned from post it notes.

I loved the romance between Luke and Mia. I found it fun and refreshing, new and not rushed. I loved the way Kathryn drew out the build up for both the reader and the characters. The ending was great including the proposal which was perfect and tied the whole plot up in a perfect bow at the perfect moment. There was so much growth in all the characters, including my favorite character, Stan and the relationship he had with Mia was perfect.

Final takeaway: We can let our past define our future or we can rewrite with new experiences. If we are patient with each other as we learn to trust again the experiences and relationships we gain will be so worth it and satisfying.

Thank you One More Chapter, NetGalley and Kathryn Freeman for the advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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