Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane

Ask Again, Yes is the story of two kids that grow to love each other and eventually become husband and wife but it took years and time and forgiveness from several people to get them to that point. Katie Gleeson and Peter Stanhope’s story started when their NYPD fathers moved to the suburbs and their moms became pregnant at the same making them 6 months apart. That’s where the similarities stop. There were different worlds behind each closed door. Katie’s mom was determined to get to know her neighbors where Peter’s mom wanted nothing to do with anyone and readers eventually learn that Peter’s mom suffered a lot of heartache that led to unstable behaviors. When a childhood injury of leads to an argument between the parents an incident happens so catastrophic that the families don’t speak again for years and there is a rift between Katie and Peter that seems unfixable. But love is a strong bond and relentless in it’s pull to bring true soul mates together. After years of family turmoil and secrets and marriage and children, Peter and Katie come to their own cross roads and in a moment when Peter questions their love Katie reminds him that if ever asked if she would marry him again her answer would be yes.

I saw a ton of pictures and reviews floating around the book world of this book so I was skeptical because when the book doesn’t hold up to the hype it’s disappointing. I did end up liking Ask Again, Yes but it wasn’t my favorite. There seemed to be parts that I couldn’t place their purpose and the plot line was a little drawn out. I did enjoy the character development and the interaction of characters over several years and generations. I gave Ask Again, Yes 3 stars. I would recommend it to certain friends though.

Thank you again to Mary Beth Keane, Scribner Publishing and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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