The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth

The Good Sister was part of my Hepworth binge I mentioned in The Mother-in-Law post and I liked it even better than I did The Mother-in-Law! A favorite of September. This is another mystery thriller and I can usually figure those out pretty quickly but I was shocked (although some would say the title gave away some hints that I missed).

I loved the way the character’s were developed and the way the reader received the backstory. Hepworth used the diary of Rose, the twin sister of Fern to tell us how twisted the girls childhood was and how their relationship came to be what it was. Fern has a sensory processing issue and struggles to cope in the world of the average person but her sister Rose is her closest companion and helps her navigate, sometimes by overstepping and stifling Fern. Fern trust that Rose is honestly the only person that truly knows her, partly because Rose and Fern have a secret that Rose holds over her sister anytime Fern tries to exercise her freedoms. This relationship forms a bond and trust between the twins so deep that they would do almost anything for each other, even alter their own lives and maybe others.

Fern works in a library and does her job well, although a little quirky. One day a gentleman, called Wally by Fern, walks in to use the showers that the library allows the public to use. Fern sees an opportunity in Wally to help her sister accomplish a dream she has taken on. Over time Fern and Wally form a relationship and Fern begins to feel like she’s making some life choices on her own and trusting herself. Rose doesn’t approve of their relationship and starts to intervene causing Fern to question Rose’s sincerity and take a look back at their childhood realizing they may not have remembered it the same way or had the same experiences.

I give The Good Sister 5 stars!! The plot line was unique and the character introductions caused me as a reader to trust the wrong people, which is a pillar attribute of a good mystery right? I’m excited to continue my Hepworth binge and recommend you all jump on this train if you haven’t already, go now.

Thank you Netgalley, Sally Hepworth and St. Martin’s Press for the ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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