Rush: Book Review

I picked up Rush by Lisa Patton off the library new release shelf because I had heard from fellow book bloggers that it was fantastic and an unexpected read. They were right and I am so glad I gave Rush a chance and I highly recommended it to all of my friends. What I expected based on the littleContinue reading “Rush: Book Review”

Everything, Everything: Review

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon was a book I chose at the last minute from my library’s Overdrive account because I was able to check it out immediately, and sometimes that’s all it takes. I am so glad it was available. Everything, Everything was an unexpected gift and a reminder that life is worth living despite the consequencesContinue reading “Everything, Everything: Review”

The Dying of the Light: Review

Secrets of the south? Yes please! The Dying of the Light by Robert Goolrick was a great read from the beginning. I love historical fiction and suspense and this book combined those genres perfectly. This book was sexy, sad, angering, and a glimpse into the secrets that pedigree in the south in known to keep hidden. TheContinue reading “The Dying of the Light: Review”

When God Gave Us Words: Review

When God Gave Us Words by Sandy Eisenburg Sasso was a beautiful book! The illustrations by Darcy Day Zoells were stunning. I read this with my 7 and 10 year old kiddos and they both stayed engaged and asked to look at the pictures a little longer. God always has our best interest in heartContinue reading “When God Gave Us Words: Review”

The Circus Thief: Book Review

The Circus Thief By Alane Adams Illustrated by Lauren Gallegos Set in the 1920’s, The Circus Thief is a sweet story about a little boy, Georgie, that just wants to go to the circus in town. Upon permission of taking a friend along with them, Georgie and his father head to the circus. After being chosen toContinue reading “The Circus Thief: Book Review”

Trouble Brewing: A Review

  I write this review with coffee in hand and sleepy eyes because I pulled a very late night to finish this gem! From the first few words I was hooked. It normally takes me a few chapters to get into the grove but I was invested in Piper and Blake from the very beginning. TroubleContinue reading “Trouble Brewing: A Review”

The World Is Our Classroom: Book Review

I recently had the privilege of reading The World Is Our Classroom by Cindy Ross as an ARC (advancedreadercopy) from NetGalley. As a homeschool mom I was drawn to the title and that cover is so peaceful I wanted to feel that adventure. In our family school we also strive to have the world as our classroomContinue reading “The World Is Our Classroom: Book Review”