Colonial Williamsburg

We recently moved to the Tidewater/Hampton Roads area of Virginia with the Army and I know it is going to be a great experience if nothing else for the field trips. We also just went through the death of a close family member that resulted in a longer than planned spring break, essentially ending ourContinue reading “Colonial Williamsburg”

Planning: Homeschool Planet and My Process

I was once told I like the planning aspect of homeschooling more than the teaching and while I don’t think that was a compliment there is a little truth to it. There is something refreshing about the blank slate of a new year and the excitement of what’s to come. I have always been aContinue reading “Planning: Homeschool Planet and My Process”

Harry Potter Study: Science: Alchemy

Science Science is broken into alchemy, astronomy, herology, and magical creatures. These can be studied in any order. we started with alchemy because of the tie to the Sorcerer’s Stone. Using Rocks and Minerals as the text we completed worksheets, activities, crafts. Alchemy We started with alchemy because of the tie to the Sorcerer’s Stone.Continue reading “Harry Potter Study: Science: Alchemy”

Learning Through Cooking

A large portion of our science study this semester is the human body so I wanted to incorporate healthy eating. It’s important that the kids learn that food fuels our body and that “healthy” eating doesn’t mean icky foods but instead can be fun and delicious. I have found that when the kids get inContinue reading “Learning Through Cooking”

A Promise Stitched in Time: Book Review

I requested A Promise Stitched in Time because I’m preparing to teach a WW2 study and hoped this would be a good addition to our read alouds for that unit. I would gladly add this to my lineup. The content is mature in nature in the sense that the holocaust is a mature subject regardless of theContinue reading “A Promise Stitched in Time: Book Review”

The Great Depression

The Great Depression is not one of my favorite subjects to teach but it had to be done so I tried to make it as hands on and light as possible. For Poetry Tea Time we made depression cake or I’ve heard it called crazy cake. The idea was to show how making a cakeContinue reading “The Great Depression”

Arctic Animals

After our study on Australasia we moved to animals of the Arctics. The weather here in south GA made it a little difficult to feel the climate these unique animals live in but we made it work. For Poetry Tea Time we read a collection of poems about animals and made polar bears with mini ice cream cups,Continue reading “Arctic Animals”

Animals From Down Under

We recently finished out study of animals in the Australasia area. We really enjoyed this study and had a lot of fun with not only the animals but a little bit of culture too. Counter clockwise: We read a few books and used them to work through our Nature Journal from Thinking Tree. We learnedContinue reading “Animals From Down Under”

The Roaring 20s: A Unit Study

We FINALLY wrapped up our WW1 study in history and have moved on to the roaring 20’s and the jazz age. I am far more excited about this study than the kids but that isn’t unusual since they have no idea what awesome plans I have in store for them! I introduced the kids toContinue reading “The Roaring 20s: A Unit Study”