Hair woes

I love the Army life. I love the independence I am forced to find within myself and the resiliency it teaches my children. I love that I have lived in so many places and that we can explore this great nation and show our children the world. I love how many friends I have made and that my Christmas card list includes several different countries and 3/4 of the United States. However, I do not love the moving, I love the new places and exploration, but I do not love the actual moving part. The actual packing (yes someone moves us…that’s a different post for a different time), the driving across the country, the unpacking, and the establishment of a new routine. One thing I specifically dislike, finding a new hair salon!

I do not have crazy hair, its long and straight and I only need a trim every few months but I was lucky enough to inherit the early to grey gene and have had grey hair since my mid twenties (I know you’re thinking…What?? I thought you were barely 21…thank you!). So when we move I try to have my hair colored as close to move out date as possible so that I can get through the stress and frustrations of PCSing (permanent change of station for my civilian friends). This move (Kansas to Georgia) I did not prepare well and found myself in GA with what I like to call my skunk look, that awesome strip of grey that screams at me every time I look in the mirror.

We do not live in the most metropolitan town and I loathe (actually fear if I’m being honest) driving, so finding a salon close was important, but so was quality color and expertise. After reaching out to fellow army wives, stalking Facebook pages and looking at every woman that walked past me and asking “who does your hair”, I made some calls and settled on…the one that could get me in the soonest. I figured if was awful I could try somewhere else and if all else failed fly to KS and have my stylist there fix it ($$$$).

Y’all it wasn’t awful at all. The salon reminded me a little of the salon like the one on Steel Magnolias and the super sweet southern grandma type that met me at the door had quite the bouffant, think…


So I was a little concerned that I too would have a stellar bouffant when I left. I met my stylist…she was from the city, young and had great hair. I felt good. I sat down and we hit it off from the beginning, you know stylist are like bartenders in that you can tell them anything and they never judge and always agree with you…right?


When it was all said and done…I loved it!! And the price could not be beat. I forgot that living in southern Georgia was much cheaper than living in the city.

I walked out and drove home feeling refreshed and even a little sexy. I immediately texted my girls/my tribe to make sure I looked how I thought I did. I walked in the house and J loved it, the C’s loved it and I loved it…and the I remembered…


I have an appointment in 2 weeks and I am a little concerned that she is going to think I am the worst human being ever and will color my hair some awful color and “accidentally” shave half of my hair. That’s crazy I know. I immediately called the salon and of course they were closed but I was able to reach them the next day and apologize  profusely and I wrote the best 5 star review for her and the salon. All should be ok. I hope… stay tuned.

Kung Fu Panda Unit Study

Daniel Grace Learning Academy is the throws of learning all about the animals on the continent of China (Sonlight Core B-Science B). We zoned in on Pandas, specifically giant Pandas. one of the main reasons homeschooling was a desire for me was to allow my kids to take these rabbit holes of learning when something peaked their interest.

While reading facts and watching non-fiction documentaries are important, and we have watched and ready many on Pandas, I also find that fictional children’s books and movies help to reinforce information as well as add a fun element to the learning.

We recently moved to a post outside of Savannah, GA and on of the first things we like to do when we get to a new duty station is find a library and get to know librarians and books offered. A few days ago we visited the on post library and found several books on pandas as well as Chinese culture and fairy tales, poems, and short stories that are based on Chinese culture. We will study China and Chinese history a little later this year also so these books and activities will serve as something to look back on.

As we read the books we checked out I’ve asked the kids to rate the books on a 5 point scale and I will give those “scores” along with a little critique.

The Dragon Prince:

Charlotte: 4: ” I liked that Seven saved her dad and I didn’t like that Three was trying to replace her sister”

Clayton: 4: ” I like that there names were numbers and I didn’t like the mean way Three treated her sister”

Lon Po Po:

Charlotte: 3: “I liked that the kids were nice to the wolf at first but I didn’t like that the wolf tried to trick them”

Clayton: 5: “My one thought was why did the wolf make an excuse about making the kids things, yet brought the materials in the bed”img_0094

Three Pandas:

Charlotte: 5: “I liked their names”

Clayton: 5: “How was one of the Pandas singing and talking but I liked the one named Yep”img_0093

After reading so many books about Pandas and learning about all of their animals friends in Asia, we decided to turn our studies into a family night. We picked up some orange chicken (I tried to add something peach, because of the peach tree in Kung Fu Panda) from Panda Express and watched Kung Fu Panda.

We finished up the unit with a few more panda inspired books and of course funny panda videos on YouTube!

Flying Biscuits

According to C this cute little logo looks like pancakes and butter but it’s really a biscuit and the mascot to the minor league baseball team in Montgomery.  Last Saturday we went to a Biscuits game and it was a lot of fun, until the rain but even then it was a good time.

Biscuits Logo

We watched the sky hoping the storm would pass over us. While waiting for the rain to pass, which it never did, we ran into dancing storm troopers and imperial fighter pilot doing the YMCA.

I love the little hat C was wearing, a few minutes before the rain came that hat was the bowl for his ice cream.

Despite the rain and having to leave early therefore missing the massive fire works show that lured us in in the first place, we had a great time. While its fun to go to a major league game of a well known team (Cardinals, Braves) the minor league games and college games are always more relaxed and provide simple fun.

Bonus, the base is so close to the stadium we went to bed to the sound of those massive fireworks!


The Alpha and the Omega



One of my goals in 2015 was to read the bible from cover to cover. Today I accomplished that goal. I used YouVersion bible app for my plan of action and because I’m a checklist girl I used this chart. I do feel accomplished and more knowledgeable. I would like to go a little more in depth into certain chapters and really get to know the authors and the “meat and potatoes” of the word.

First blog post

It took seven moves and seven houses before we finally made it back to the South but here we are, in Montgomery, Alabama! Growing up in Georgia, the idea of living in Alabama was not something I ever thought would happen. But hey neither was living in Texas, Virginia, California or Illinois. The Army took us to those places and we have met so many people and seen so many things along the way. This life style is hard at times but so rewarding at the same time.

In addition to being an Army family we are also a home school family. Again something I never thought I would be doing. We decided about 18 months ago that homeschooling was the best option for our children’s education at this point in our lives. This year we will be using the Sonlight curriculum with our 3rd grader who I refer to as C and our kindergartener who I like to call Sis. We dipped our toes in this morning but I’m not willing to call it the first day of school because I didn’t take a picture 🙂

I hope to use this blog as a place to document our times through these adventures and moves and hardships and love and most likely a few tears from all involved.

I am D and I and have been married to J for 9 years. J has been in the Army for 10 years and plans to continue serving for another 10 at least, God willing. Speaking of God…we believe in Him and listen to Him and study Him and trust that each day we are being led in the way only He knows. While being 100% human we are failing all the time but with a 100% trust in our Lord we are faithful the end result is going to be just right for the Phillips four.