The Simplicity of Cider: Review

The Simplicity of Cider by Amy Reichert was the perfect fall read. Set in Door County, Wisconsin, described as a small town where everyone knows your name, and business. Idun’s Orchard ran by Einar Lund and his daughter Sanna, 5th generation apple growers, is the center of the story. Amy Reichert does such a fantastic jobContinue reading “The Simplicity of Cider: Review”

The Kennedy Debutante: Review

I’ve been a Kennedy fan for as far back as I can remember. I don’t know if it’s because their life is so different than mine or whether it is because there is always something new to learn and a new relationship to explore. I love historical fiction and more than that I love historicalContinue reading “The Kennedy Debutante: Review”

Everything, Everything

Wow, wow, wow. I felt so many emotions during this read. I identified with each of the main characters and could feel for them as well as withthem. Imagine being a teenage girl trapped in a sterile house with just your mother, a nurse, the occasional tutor. No friends, certainly no boyfriend. No prom, orContinue reading “Everything, Everything”

A Promise Stitched in Time: Book Review

I requested A Promise Stitched in Time because I’m preparing to teach a WW2 study and hoped this would be a good addition to our read alouds for that unit. I would gladly add this to my lineup. The content is mature in nature in the sense that the holocaust is a mature subject regardless of theContinue reading “A Promise Stitched in Time: Book Review”

Rush: Book Review

I picked up Rush by Lisa Patton off the library new release shelf because I had heard from fellow book bloggers that it was fantastic and an unexpected read. They were right and I am so glad I gave Rush a chance and I highly recommended it to all of my friends. What I expected based on the littleContinue reading “Rush: Book Review”

Everything, Everything: Review

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon was a book I chose at the last minute from my library’s Overdrive account because I was able to check it out immediately, and sometimes that’s all it takes. I am so glad it was available. Everything, Everything was an unexpected gift and a reminder that life is worth living despite the consequencesContinue reading “Everything, Everything: Review”

The Dying of the Light: Review

Secrets of the south? Yes please! The Dying of the Light by Robert Goolrick was a great read from the beginning. I love historical fiction and suspense and this book combined those genres perfectly. This book was sexy, sad, angering, and a glimpse into the secrets that pedigree in the south in known to keep hidden. TheContinue reading “The Dying of the Light: Review”

When God Gave Us Words: Review

When God Gave Us Words by Sandy Eisenburg Sasso was a beautiful book! The illustrations by Darcy Day Zoells were stunning. I read this with my 7 and 10 year old kiddos and they both stayed engaged and asked to look at the pictures a little longer. God always has our best interest in heartContinue reading “When God Gave Us Words: Review”

The Circus Thief: Book Review

The Circus Thief By Alane Adams Illustrated by Lauren Gallegos Set in the 1920’s, The Circus Thief is a sweet story about a little boy, Georgie, that just wants to go to the circus in town. Upon permission of taking a friend along with them, Georgie and his father head to the circus. After being chosen toContinue reading “The Circus Thief: Book Review”

Trouble Brewing: A Review

  I write this review with coffee in hand and sleepy eyes because I pulled a very late night to finish this gem! From the first few words I was hooked. It normally takes me a few chapters to get into the grove but I was invested in Piper and Blake from the very beginning. TroubleContinue reading “Trouble Brewing: A Review”